Korean men s hairstyle

There are many who want to emulate these cool dudes, but not everyone can manage to get that swagger. You can perhaps start with a Korean hairstyle and work your way up.

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We scoured the Internet of all things and picked out some of the coolest and easiest korean men s hairstyle for you to try. Before you jump in, will your salon guy be able to replicate these? If not, start by finding yourself a talented and eager-to-experiment salon, and you will be able to flaunt a korean men s hairstyle with cool ease.

3 Must Try Korean Hairstyles For Men

#1 Short and spicy, umm, spiky – korean men s hairstyle

The name is self-explanatory, really.

  • Ask your salon to give you a short, jagged edge haircut.
  • Styling it is easy.
  • Rub a good amount of holding gel in your hands.
  • Run your fingers and hands through your hair, making sure all strands are coated. korean men s hairstyle
  • Carefully arrange your hair to make it look careless.
  • Hands off until it dries.

#2 The two block – korean men s hairstyle

Another Korean hairstyle men can try is the two-block. This is slightly similar to the Mohawk, but less punky.

  • Trim the hair on the sides and back really close to your scalp.
  • Leave the crown area fairly untouched.
  • Deposit a generous amount of gel into your hair. korean men s hairstyle
  • Pull you hair up, but do not stick them close together as you would do in the Mohawk.
  • Allow the strands to hang about in an unruly fashion while trying to look cool.

#3 The Curtain Fringe – korean men s hairstyle

Ladies will dig this! Look cool, hot, sensitive, roguish and sulky, all together. What is not to like?

  • Let the hair at your brow be longer than the rest of your mop.
  • Ask your salon to cut it at an angle so it curves slightly to one side when you style it. korean men s hairstyle
  • Rub in styling gel into freshly-washed, slightly damp hair (we like to use Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care).
  • Blow dry and arrange your hair so that it covers your brow and stops just above your eyes.